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Compliancy Award: For the best solutions that comply with regulations

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Number of employees at the company3-20

What is the measurable positive impact from implementing ESG?

As premium Partner of GRESB the company leads benchmark reviews for international clients with portfolios in DACH and the CEE 6 Countries. The company is regulated by RICS and the same time listed as tech partner of RICS. In 2023 workcloud24 has been recognized as the leading ESG monitoring platform Germany and prop tech innovation company in Poland and Hungary. To achieve Scale on single properties (standing assets) workcloud24 developed ESG-Reporting Formats such as ISO 14001 and ISO 26000 which are science based but the same time simplified basic tools to build up the data base for progressed reporting such as GRI, SFDR and CSRD.

What kind of innovation or technology does the company use?

1. The company developed a janitor application as a one click questionary to include the facility mangers and janitors collecting ESG relevant Data on scale.
2. With its workify Energy monitoring platform, workcloud24 offers an easy to implement but high effective sensor based Long Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) solution. The system allows to identify energy consumption and to measure CO2, Temperature and Humidity as well counting footfall. As a result of easy to install set up, low costs and high impact we energy savings between 20 and 40 % which leads to a return of investment for the client in 6 month and immediate proof of the clients ESG-Strategy.

Who are the founders of the company and what is their experience?

Hubert Abt (FRICS) has been working in the real estate industry for over 35 years in different positions as developer and later in the land banking sector.
In 2012, Hubert founded New Work Offices which today is a flex Office platform for landlords, operating 15 locations in 4 Countries.
In 2020 Hubert founded workcloud24, which today operates as a one stop shop for ESG-Compliance, ESG-Certification and Execution of ESG-Strategies.

What is the leadership style of the company? Is this a sustainable one?

Because of the visionary thinking and innovative content marketing of workcloud24, Hubert is well known as "Mr. ESG". He constantly develops the products towards maximum adaptability and inclusion on how we can impact the scale and speed of change from awareness towards actionable ESG Strategies with simple to use and understandable product. Hubert also leads the Forum about the "impact of technology in ESG Compliance" at RICS World Build Environmental Forum (WBEF) and pioneers thought leadership about Transparency and Accountability.

What is the company's business model and how is this scalable?

workcloud24 currently covers 9 countries and operates branches in Düsseldorf, Vienna, Budapest and Warsaw. The digital market place of workcloud24 allows us to operate on scale since we onboarding Auditors in all countries which speaking the language and know about the local mind set how to deal with regulations. The technical tools like the satellite based roof scanner are of help to analyse entire portfolios for Logistic assets, about their ability to convert unused roof space for PV based energy production.
As founding member of the Sustainbale Energy Finance Association (SEFA) we have access to the Energy as a Service market, which helps us to provide know how and supply for renewable energy production and storage for grid balancing on big scale.
Most of the projects are initiated Bottom up, which means that the clients see immediately results and trust us supporting them and follow up on executing their ESG-Strategy, and with the recertification of the achieved milestones which leads to a long-lasting customer journey.

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