EcoBalance Award: For the best solution for climate change & pollution

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What is the measurable positive impact from implementing ESG?

The implementation of dynamic QR code technology in real estate billboards has several measurable positive impacts aligned with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles.

Environmental (E)
The platform promotes the efficient use of natural resources by reducing paper, energy, and fuel consumption through the digitization of property search, listing, and negotiation processes. Additionally, we provide billboards with dynamic QR codes for each property. By reusing billboards after a property is sold or rented, Bullano contributes to waste reduction compared to the traditional practice of using new billboards for each property and then discarding them.
For every 1000 real estate billboards reused, 8.22T of CO2 emissions are avoided, equivalent to:
- The absorption of CO2 by 822 trees for one year.
- The CO2 emissions produced by driving approximately 57,462 kilometers by car.
- The production of 102,750 one-liter plastic bottles.
- The production of 32,880 kWh of electricity per year.
- The use of air conditioning for 15,788 hours.
Bullano's innovation contributes to reducing the carbon footprint by decreasing the use of materials such as polyester with a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) coating, corrugated plastic, wood, steel, and ink in billboard manufacturing.

Social (S)
Improved User Experience: The implementation of dynamic QR code technology in billboards enhances the user experience by providing easy and quick access to up-to-date and detailed information about the property. This impact can be measured through customer satisfaction surveys and technology usage analytics.

Governance (G)
Commitment to Corporate Responsibility: The provision of billboards on loan/rent to reduce the carbon footprint reflects a commitment to environmental and social responsibility. The number of real estate agencies or individuals participating in this initiative can be an indicator of the acceptance and adoption of environmental commitment.

What kind of innovation or technology does the company use?

Our company uses dynamic QR technology as an innovation in the Argentine real estate market for the reduction of carbon footprint. This technology, developed by Bullano, is an enhanced version of conventional static QR codes. While a static QR code stores immutable information, such as a web link or contact data, a dynamic QR code allows for the updating and modification of the contained information.

This technology is integrated into advertising signs for properties for sale or rent. The key feature of this implementation is that it enables interested parties to access updated and detailed information about properties by simply scanning the QR code with their mobile phones.

Dynamic QR technology not only enhances the experience for users and clients by providing easily accessible information but also has a sustainable focus. After a property is sold or rented, the same sign can be reused to promote another property. This approach not only optimizes the company's resources but also demonstrates a commitment to environmental preservation and the promotion of sustainable practices.

Bullano takes pride in being a pioneer in adopting this technological solution in the real estate industry in Argentina. The startup offers the availability of these QR code signs on loan for real estate agencies or individuals who wish to join the mission of reducing carbon footprint. The initiative not only transforms the way properties are presented but also aspires to a significant shift in the industry towards more ecological and responsible practices.

Who are the founders of the company and what is their experience?

I am Gaspar Bullano, Founder and CEO of Bullano, a 38-year-old Argentine passionate about computer science and self-taught, with certification in Google Data Analytics. Since 2018, I have been immersed in the entrepreneurial world as the founder of my own startup. My focus on the real estate sector began with the creation of an innovative marketplace that stood out as the first in Argentina to allow real estate agencies to publish properties, including apartments, houses, land, lots, and commercial spaces, using cryptocurrencies.

This initiative not only expanded my knowledge in the real estate field but also provided me with the opportunity to showcase innovation at the PropTech Latam Awards 2021. This recognition supports our commitment to being at the forefront of the industry.

Additionally, I participated in an innovation program in Argentina, collaborating with a startup incubator and a bank to develop a real estate platform for mortgage loans. This experience significantly contributed to my understanding of the challenges and opportunities in the market.

In 2018, I had the honor of competing for the Young Businessman of Cordoba Award, organized by the Commercial Federation of Cordoba, Argentina. My participation focused on the technological development category, presenting the real estate marketplace as an example of innovation and vision in the technological field.

This trajectory reflects my commitment to excellence, innovation, and driving disruptive solutions in the world of technology and the real estate sector.

What is the leadership style of the company? Is this a sustainable one?

The startup possesses a self-directed and innovative leadership, managing time and resources efficiently while fostering creativity and innovation in the pursuit of solutions, experimenting with unconventional approaches.

What is the company's business model and how is this scalable?

The Bullano business model is based on revenue from informative cards and featured listings. Featured listings are those that appear at the top positions in search results, providing greater visibility and attractiveness to potential buyers. These services are offered through the payment of a quarterly fee.

Informative cards are advertising spaces displayed on strategic pages, assisting advertisers in promoting their products and services. Bullano's business model is scalable as it can be replicated in different markets, adapting to the needs and preferences of each region. The platform features an intuitive and user-friendly design, enabling users to quickly and securely post, search, and contact properties. Bullano has the potential to expand to neighboring countries or other continents, capitalizing on the opportunities presented by the online real estate market.

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